Playlist: Week no. 32

So far, my playlist haven’t been from every week, but I don’t listen to music too much lately. I live a lot in a different world, to be honest. But I do have some for the last week, sorry for the delay

My relationship has mostly returned to its long-distance origins, which makes me feel lost, mostly. Lot of time I just feel unreal, I try not to think about how lonely and hurting I feel, it doesn’t help much, to be honest.

This song is my long time favourite, I remember hearing it for the first time watching Glee, it sumed up depression a lot for me. I still listen to it, mostly when I feel down.

And Taylor Swift, Red is a great song. Also helps me go through my sort of long-distance relationship…


Playlist: Week No. 28

I think the music I like is very important and I’m going to share it with you! Ok, that’s bit… *sarcams sign”. My youtube playlist is a lot influenced by my moods and I just want to share it with you. I’m gonna create posts, that’s going to be numbered according to weeks and there you’ll find music videos I listen to that week. There might not be much during long weeks at work or I might repeat the videos, so don’t take it too seriously, I just love music and I’m kind of strange, which we all already know.

The first song of this week is Fight Like a Girl from Emilie Autumn. She doesn’t suit everybody, I personally don’t like about half her songs and her video are kind of… well, her style, but generally, she is amazing and this one is great. You can also watch the video was for this, I offer you “only” music and lyrics.

Another song, Bad Blood from Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar. Yes, I’ve become Swiftie pretty recently and this song is amazing, the clip is great and hot (seriously, I want to date most of the actresses) and it… it’s great.

Once I’ve discovered some independent musicians on youtube, I was lost. Gardiner Sisters are one of those and this cover is amazing.