Fog In My Head

Fog around me,
In my head,
Can’t see you,
Can’t see myself.

In my head,
In this world,
Yet surrounded by people,
Confused, hurting.

Everything’s wrong,
I’m wrong,
Damaged, Destroyed,
Crying while smiling.

In fog,
My head,
My future,
Me,Can’t see me,

Have I lost myself,
Fog in my head,
Can’t think,
Never good enough,
Weak, scared.

What if
Nothing ever changes,
And the light
Never comes,
And the fog
Will surround me



Happy Caturday Everyone!

Happy Caturday :-). I’m trying to cheer myself up with cats, because my mum today pretty much destroyed all the good mood I had, so… This is a photo of my boyfriend’s family’s cat. I was taking some photos in their garden last summer and he was followin me around all the time. He is super friendly and this is the only good photo I managed to take, because every time I wanted to take a photo of him, he came running for pets and love :-D.



Girl in Red

So yes, as I mentioned before, I really like editing photos to different colors, it’s fun and the results are sometimes really interesting. This is taken in park during a beautiful sunny day, but the bright red adds a different atmosphere to it :-).