My name is Petra. I experience depression and anxiety and all the “great” things that come with it, like insomnia, exhaustion, stigma or being shamed and misunderstood. Which is my primary reason for this blog, I want to let people “inside my head”, to see what it’s like, the ups and downs and all in the middle.

I’m also an artist, I play in theater, I am semi-professional photographer, I create jewellery… I can be pretty crafty and creative, when I want. I like to create things, because I can look at it and see that I did something. And also the creative process helps me relax and relieve tension.

I like animals, but I especially love cats. I do not know why, I just do. We have one at home, she is big and fluffy and cute and also tiresome sometimes :-). I wish to help shelters in my country, because their situation is pretty bad, as people still find it more suitable to let their cat have kittens and them kill them or put them into shelter, than to sterilize the cat.

I have lot of topics that I will write about, although mostly it will be about depressions, because I feel the need to change people’s point of view. And I hope that seeing “inside my head” is a way. But my head generally works on several different topics at once, so it can be pretty crowded there and this blog i my way of relief.

One thought on “Me

  1. Hey –

    You’ve previously signed up to be apart of The Mental Health Art Auction – thank you once again!

    Could you please quickly email me so that I have your email address.

    When it comes closer to the event I will be sending out emails with more information for you to get started so I need to gather everyone’s details!

    Thanks, speak to you soon,


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