The Price of Sanity

I’ve made really not very pleasant discovery last week and that is what it costs to have long-term therapy.

I was seeing therapist for almost a year in my university town and it was great, it helped me a lot and the therapist was amazing. And it was covered by my insurance, which was also great help. Unfortunately, everything ends and so did my therapy, because in June I moved back to my home. So I went to see my psychiatrist here and asked for recommendation of new therapist, because the last one advised me to continue with the sessions. And I learned that I could get insurance payed one, but only short-term, which means about ten sessions and that’s it. If I want long term, I have to pay for it myself and it’s not small amount.

Personally, I think I could afford at least two sessions per month, that’s not the problem. I have the money, so I’m ok. But it got me thinking about the whole big picture. Imagine someone is having really bad depression and/or anxiety and it prevents them from having a regular job and supporting themselves. They are short of money and they are told that they get only ten sessions covered by insurance and if they want or need long-term therapy, they have to pay for it full. Which they can’t, because they can’t have a full-time job, so they don’t have the money to pay for the therapy that could help the get full-time job and get money and so on.

I guess other insurance companies might have better options, but honestly, I don’t believe it much. The one in my college town was probably only covered because it was in a support center for children and young adults. And I don’t know what is the solution, what is the way to get the help and support mentally ill people need. I just know it makes me sad and angry…

2 thoughts on “The Price of Sanity

  1. Peti, já jsem chodila na psychoterapii nějakou dobu každý týden – byl to normálně terapeut pro dospělé – a všechno to hradila pojišťovna. Každý psychoterapeut ale na pojišťovnu nefunguje. Zkus najít takového, který ano. To, co ti řekla tvoje doktorka v Hradci, je podle mě kravina..


    • Asi jsem to nenapsala správně, ale v Hradci nejspíš není nikdo, kdo by dělal na moji pojišťovnu dlouhodobé terapie. Myslím si, že to v Brně bylo přes pojišťovnu, protože to bylo přes to centrum, ale taky to bylo jen ve spolupráci s mojí pojišťovnou, s jinou bych musela platit, ale pořád by to bylo míň než normálně.


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