Playlist: Week No. 30

I love musicals, but I don’t know any French. So it’s a bit weird that the first song of this week is actually from Romeo and Juliet French musical. My thanks to the person who made the subtitles, so I can at least have an idea what they sing about. Not that I would mind so much if I didn’t. I mean, look at this video, it has great choreography, great song, hot main characters with amazing voices… Seriously, I would love this video even without the subtitles, because it’s great and I can’t wait for my next free day, when I can see the rest.


I don’t think I know any other song from Alphaville than Forever Young, but I still like it. I like the lyrics and the music, especially the ending music.


It seems that apart from the musical video, this is going to be oldies list. But I really love this next song. I first came across it in school choir, when our teacher made to the music really beautiful love lyrics. Some years later I heard the original lyrics, but it took me several more years, before I actually understood its meaning.


Another song with amazing message. Again, we sang this song in the choir, but it took me years to understand the lyrics and the meaning.


And finally, this song pretty much sums up how I feel about my relationship at times. It seems really unbelievable that someone would actually want to be with me, when he knows that being with me is not easy and it never will be. It expresses how I feel when I see that I hurt him, yet again, because I’m me and my brain is messed up.


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