Keep Calm and Watch Little Kittens

I really love cats, I think I mentioned that some time ago. And recently I discovered great channel on Livestream, where you can watch little kittens 24/7. I watched beautiful cat Eve give birth to five babies and I have seen them grow up. The babies are now almost two months old and they are super cute! I mean really, there is nothing more relaxing than watching super cute fluffy kittens sleep and play and learning to eat and enjoying pets and it’s just aaawww!

The channel is live video from TinyKittens, a cat foster home in Canada and it provides unique experience for all cat lovers all around the world. You can see kittens from birth to adoption, without having the stress of taking care of them and finding them good home. And it also helps raise awareness about spaying/neutering cats, because the cat mommas there are rejected pets, strays or ferals. You can read about them on their facebook page or their web. They also have Twitter and sell photos of the kittens on Etsy.

And if you want to see the adorable kittens and enjoy their cuteness, here is the channel.

Have a happy Saturday, keep calm and watch some cuteness online!

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