Sorry, No Psycho Here

As I said in my previous post, I want to write mostly about depressions. As an adult, I have realized, how little I knew about my illness. And how little people in general know about any mental illness. It took me some time to be open about my problem, it took me years to tell it to my parents. And now we are all struggling to cope with it. I want to share with you some parts of diaries I used to write during my teenage years and to share the way it feels, when you are having depression.

I think people need to hear more about this problem. We here about anorexia or bulimia, but how often people talk about depressions? I often hear people saying “god I’m so depressed”, when they have a bad day, but most of them no nothing about the real depression. And when they meet someone, who has these problems, they look at him as if they are some dangerous psycho.

So, no! I am not a psycho! I am just a girl, with hobbies and worries and people I love, who happens to have a mental illness.


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