This is Me, Nice to Meet You

Hi there,

my name is Petra and this is my sort of diary/blog/therapy session. I have depressions as far I can remember, although for long time I hadn’t know that this it what I should call it. I want to share with the world, what is was like to grow up with this and what it’s like to live with it now. In my country people are prejudiced against any mental problems and I have a feeling that it’s not just here. I hope it will help people understand.

So… I love cats :-). And I am an artist, I have pretty good voice to sing, I love photography, I perform in theatre and I create jewellery and other things. I am just me, complicated and so.

Through this blog I want to tell you about my teenage years and share my stories and memories with you. It is my way of dealing with past, with a little hope that I will be able to put some things behind and help people understand their friends, children…


2 thoughts on “This is Me, Nice to Meet You

  1. Hi! It’s nice to meet a fellow advocate for mental awareness. I have dealt with schizophrenia for 16 years and yes, I once was “psycho.” I think it’s great you are posting this blog, especially old diary posts. I kept journals for 3 years up until I went “psycho.” I’m in the process of writing an autobiography. You can find me here: Not sure what country you’re from but I’m from the United States and even we still have a lot of ignorance. Will keep in touch. LaVancia


    • Hi, I went through your posts, I am very sorry for what happened to you… I cannot imagine going through anything like this. I hope your book will help people to understand more. I am not sure about the way this blog will take me, but I just felt I needed to do this, so we will see. Thank you for your support!

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